Welcome to the official website of Biro Administrasi Kerjasama dan Pengembangan (BAKP) of Petra Christian University!!!

We would like to inform you that BAKP Petra’s partnership website is undergoing maintenance. The website will be back online on SEPTEMBER 2017. We are adding functions on the partnership website hence the long maintenance duration.

Don’t worry, you can still visit BAKP at EH building 1st floor during business hour (8 am – 4 pm),

or BAKP Petra’s Facebook account,

or BAKP Petra’s Instagram account to get updates on opportunities for:

  1. scholarship,
  2. student exchange,
  3. joint/double degree,
  4. Petra Summer Program,
  5. Asia Summer Program,
  6. Petramate, and many others!!

Happy browsing!!


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