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BUREAU for COOPERATION and INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT (BCID), or BIRO ADMINISTRASI KERJASAMA dan PENGEMBANGAN (BAKP) in Bahasa Indonesia, is an integral part of Petra Christian University (Petra) which supports and improves Petra’s education service and quality by forming domestic and international cooperation. Simply said, BAKP is the International Office of Petra, where Petra students are very welcome to visit and consult their plans to join either domestic or international program. BAKP consists of 2 divisions, the Student Mobility Division and Inter-institutional Cooperation Division.


Student Mobility Division‘s services range from program registration to visa application. This important part of BAKP takes super good care of both local and international students. It’s friendly and open-minded staffs facilitate local students processing the needed documents and approval prior to joining Student Exchange, Joint/Double Degree, or Summer Program. As for the international students, this division provides information and helping hands to make sure every single one of them enjoy their time in Indonesia. With the help of Petra Mate, this division also hosts Petra’s annual international events such as International Day and actively participates in Petra Parade to promote and spread the spirit of global development.


Inter-institutional Cooperation Division is responsible for all of Petra’s cooperation with both domestic and international partners. This division deals with agreement and regulation, of which Petra’s programs are based upon, takes values and safety very seriously, and will stop at nothing to make sure the programs that Petra agreed on are mutually beneficial for the development of Petra and its partner. In addition, this division runs online by Instagram and partnership website. It updates Petra’s on going development from inter-institutional point of view, so that you will be informed of the latest programs to join and scholarship offers to grab.


As the world shrinks with technology, your mind needs to expand through global understanding followed closely with the heart for integrity. In accordance to Petra’s vision which is to be a global and caring university, BAKP strives its best, serving Petra students and introducing the world for their better future. Make use of your 4 years in Petra to know more and grow compassion, be the extended hands of Petra to spread positive impact and make changes.


With hearts full of love,


-BAKP Petra-


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