Desiring to study in a high-quality University? It’s common. Looking for country that is safe to be visited? It’s not a new thing also. Yet, what about looking for university where eastern culture and western culture can meet?   Continue your study in SINGAPORE and enjoy the perfect infrastructure, the world-class education system, and the… continue reading →

3rd February 2017 Nuffic Neso Indonesia

Thank you for coming to Petra Christian University!!   We are truly honored to welcome Education Advisor, The Embassy of the Netherlands to Indonesia, Mrs. Sarah Spronk and Director of Nuffic Neso Indonesia, Mr. Mervin Bakker.     The scholarship information session by Ms Kustin and Ms Inty is the cherry on top. We are… continue reading →

Presentasi Beasiswa Pemerintah Belanda, Nuffic Neso Indonesia

Melalui kesempatan ini, BAKP ingin membagikan informasi mengenai: Presentasi Beasiswa di Belanda oleh Nuffic Neso Indonesia Beasiswa ini untuk mengambil program Short Course, Master, dan Doktoral di salah satu perguruan tinggi di Belanda. Nuffic Neso Indonesia adalah perwakilan resmi Nuffic di Indonesia untuk semua hal mengenai pendidikan tinggi Belanda, dan bertugas mempromosikan dan menyediakan informasi tentang lebih… continue reading →

16th January 2017: Professor Eric S. Maskin

“The most effective remedy for inequality is education. It will give the low-skill workers the capacity to seize the opportunity from globalization. Petra Christian University as one of the leading higher education institutions has a significant role in this matter.”   It’s an HONOR to welcome Professor Eric Stark Maskin, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2007… continue reading →