17th February 2016: MoU and MoA Signing with UKIM

Petra Christian University welcomes Universitas Kristen Indonesia Maluku aka UKIM for kindly visiting us from Ambon to sign the MoU and MoA. It was an honor to have Rector of UKIM, Dr. Cornelis Adolf Alyona, M.Th., and Vice Rector IV, Ir. N. Retraubun, MT. to sit with Petra’s Rector and staffs. In actuality, UKIM has been Petra’s partner… continue reading →

10th February 2016: MoU Signing with SHHS Foundation (Yayasan SHHS)

On Wednesday, 10th February 2016, Petra Christian University (Petra) welcomed Mr. Hendra Ming, S.T., M.Sc., the Vice Principal of Xin Zhong Highschool, and Mr. Eddy Oetomo, the Secretary of SHHS (Shin Hwa High School) Foundation and as a representative of Mr. Moertomo Basoeki, the Head of SHHS Foundation. “SHHS Foundation was built in 2000 by… continue reading →

LPDP Scholarship

Petra People yang sedang mengincar BEASISWA!!! BAKP PETRA punya kabar buagus buanget nih!!! Bagi kamu yang ingin melanjutkan studi S2 / S3 di dalam / luar negeri dan sedang mencari informasi mengenai beasiswa dan studi di universitas-universitas terbaik dunia, jangan lewatkan kesempatan ini!   Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP)  menyelenggarakan pameran pendidikan bertajuk “LPDP Edufair… continue reading →

International Community Service (ICS) Program 2016 with Al-Wali Foundation

Good morning, Petra People!!! LPPM kembali mengadakan kerjasama dengan Al-Wali Foundation, the Netherlands guna menyelenggarakan INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SERVICE (ICS) 2016. ICS 2016 akan dihelat pada tanggal 18 Juli – 12 Agustus 2016 di Kabupaten Kediri, tepatnya di Dusun Parang, Desa Parang, Kecamatan Banyakan. Dengan mengikuti ICS 2016, kamu bisa: 1. social learning dan cultural learning bersama… continue reading →

21st December 2015: MoU Signing with Al-Wali Foundation

Answer these questions! Are you interested to do community service? Are you looking for a new experience and variation of activity besides studying? Are you challenging yourself to communicate with foreigner to practice your English? International Community Service Program IS the one for you!! Petra Christian University has the MoU with Al-Wali Foundation to collaborate in… continue reading →

Christmas Celebration 2015!!

BAKP Petra celebrated the joy on (early) Christmas on December 3rd 2015 on P Building 9F. Look how BAKP magiced the plain venue into full-blown Christmas-y cafe!! (left) Our honorary guests are: staffs, students, Petra’s foreign students, and Dr Iraklis Lazakis from University of  Strathclyde, Scotland. Event started at 5 pm as guests swarmed the… continue reading →

Cultural Day – KOREA

Cultural Day, the 2nd event is on November 13th 2015, Petra People! This month is all about KOREA! Korean language, Korean culinary, Korean culture, and Korean traditional games. This fancy and super fun event is born because of the talented hands of Petra Mate and Petra’s international students from Korea. They are:   Kim Chi… continue reading →

Visitation from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan -part 2

As promised, news on another visitation from our Taiwan partner, Fu Jen Catholic University! Following the 1st visitation on Monday, November 9th 2015, Fu Jen Catholic University paid another visit to our Faculty of Economics. BAKP Petra and Faculty of Economics were honored to welcome you last Friday. It was so much fun having you with us. Hopefully… continue reading →