Christmas Celebration 2015!!

BAKP Petra celebrated the joy on (early) Christmas on December 3rd 2015 on P Building 9F. Look how BAKP magiced the plain venue into full-blown Christmas-y cafe!! (left) Our honorary guests are: staffs, students, Petra’s foreign students, and Dr Iraklis Lazakis from University of  Strathclyde, Scotland. Event started at 5 pm as guests swarmed the… continue reading →

Cultural Day – KOREA

Cultural Day, the 2nd event is on November 13th 2015, Petra People! This month is all about KOREA! Korean language, Korean culinary, Korean culture, and Korean traditional games. This fancy and super fun event is born because of the talented hands of Petra Mate and Petra’s international students from Korea. They are:   Kim Chi… continue reading →

Visitation from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan -part 2

As promised, news on another visitation from our Taiwan partner, Fu Jen Catholic University! Following the 1st visitation on Monday, November 9th 2015, Fu Jen Catholic University paid another visit to our Faculty of Economics. BAKP Petra and Faculty of Economics were honored to welcome you last Friday. It was so much fun having you with us. Hopefully… continue reading →

Visitation from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan -part 1

BAKP Petra welcomes dear partner from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei –  Taiwan as follow: Father Dr. James Vyathappan, associate professor, leader of the Delegation. Dr. Richard Su, Ruey  Chih, Chair of the Life Science Department. Dr. Arul Joseph, Associate Professor, Electronic Engineering Department. Dr. Yang Kang Lin, Assitant Professor, Child & Family Studies. Mr.Chang, Hung… continue reading →


The option of studying abroad is a big decision to make with bigger future benefit entails, Petra People. Besides academic knowledge of excellent quality, you can gain valuable experiences provided you are indeed ready and your mind is set. Before making such a grand decision, BAKP PETRA has several considerations for you to think of as… continue reading →

Cultural Day – DUTCH

BAKP Petra’s pilot project: Cultural Day – DUTCH has been launched, Petra People! Banzai!!  Cultural Day is BAKP Petra’s monthly project that introduces Petra People to foreign culture and language in collaboration with our international students. This event is completely free of charge with limited seat available.   October’s theme is Dutch! Steve Valentjin and Eleanor… continue reading →

Immigration Goes to Campus

“Immigration Goes to Campus” is held by BAKP Petra PETRA in collaboration with Immigration of Indonesia. The purpose of this event is to provide a chance for PETRA students to acquire recommendations for working and enjoying holiday in Australia by fulfilling the requirements. The attendee includes Director of Cross Border and International Cooperation, Dr. Asep Kurnia,… continue reading →