The Indonesia Lover from Korea

BAKP UK Petra - Exchange Student - Korea“INDONESIA LOVER”

BAKP finds it touching for a Korean student proclaiming her love for Indonesia after spending only a semester at Petra Christian University, Surabaya. Her name is “Mary” Park Sujin (4th from the left), an exchange student from Petra’s dear partner Dongseo University, Korea. She studied International Business Management at Petra’s Faculty of Economics.

She often visited BAKP during recess and shared stories over a cup of coffee about her time living in Surabaya. She told us about the sunny weather, the spicy food, the variety of fried rice, and many others. BAKP was so happy to have her with us and she gave us a heart-warming farewell message on her day leaving Indonesia to go back to Korea.

Thank you very much, Park Sujin!! We will ( and already) miss you!!




With love,


-BAKP Petra-