Are you not a morning person, Petra People? You aren’t when crawling out of your comfy bed in the morning is a herculean task, especially during the cool rainy season morn. Boost your morning routine by following BAKP Petra’s ingredients for your friendly morning smoothie.


1.      Prepare your backpack the night before.

BAKP Petra knows this seems like a very elementary school thing to do, but if you follow through there is a lower chance of you scrambling and forgetting things in the morning. Print your assignment or homework, prepare your breakfast menu, choose your next day attire, and so on and so forth all during the night. You will get better sleep knowing that you have everything ready. A good sleep consequently gets you a better morning too.

2.      Invest in a satin pillowcase.

What does it has to do with morning routine? It has! Especially if you are a girl, this advice does wonder. There is higher possibility for your hair to be uncontrollable and frizzy every morning when you sleep on a polyester and cotton blend pillowcase. The cotton in the pillowcase tugs at your hair while you are sleeping, making it frizzy like a male lion’s mane in the following morning. This would cost important time in the morning because you would have to comb your hair thoroughly to make it look presentable. Try a satin pillowcase so you can just get up and go!

3.      Drink green tea.

Drinking green tea to accompany your protein-heavy breakfast will be a breakfast combination to die for. The protein will keep you full longer than carbohydrates and the green tea hydrates your body after 8 hours of sleeping. Furthermore, it contains antioxidants, reduces stress, and strengthens your immune system. It also doesn’t make your teeth yellow and can help you lose weight. Need to go on? XD


Here are the 3 secret ingredients to smoothen your morning.

Smooth your day starts by slurping the right substances.

Have a nice day!!