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Being a college student is challenging enough with all the demanding papers and exams, no need to make your college life any harder by tripping over fiasco after fiasco from dawn to dusk. BAKP Petra has shared some tips on the previous article and today we will share 5 simple yet unexpected hacks to simplify your college life.


First of all,

  1. Grab your schedule

Set the home screen on your phone as a picture of your schedule so that no one, especially the upperclassmen, will deem you as ‘the lost freshman’ because of how often they see you asking and looking around. Rather they will think that you’re simply just “checking your phone” while in fact you’re wondering what your schedule has for you that day. Smart move!


  1. Avoid oversleeping

…and give yourself enough time to get lost on your way to class the first few months of college by placing your phone in a tall glass cup. The reverberation of the alarm will amplify the sound, plus there’s that extra step of reaching into the glass to turn it off.


  1. Read with ease

This one is for those nights of binge reading: if your reading happens to be online, switch the font to Times New Roman. Yeah even the name of the font sounds old and formal, but statistics show that it’s the easiest and fastest font to read.


  1. Grocery list in JPEG format

Writing down grocery lists is old school, instead snap a quick pic of your fridge and cabinets and just like that you know exactly what you already have and subsequently what you need.



  1. Change jar 

Maybe less of a “hack” and more just a good piece of advice: start a change jar. Seriously, keep a jar on your desk that you just throw random change into. By the end of the year, you’ll have collected more than you think and can treat yourself something nice as a small reward for your latest accomplishment.


Have fun in college!!