Hello, Petra People! How are you this morning? Hope you have a good start.

What? Got a late start? Well, way to ruin your supposedly perfect day.


Wake up and start early are good for you. It is, in actuality, your key to success.

BAKP Petra has 3 reasons why getting up earlier may make you more successful.


  1. For obvious reason, there are less distractions in the morning, because you might be the only one awake while others are still asleep. A typical day can get crazy, and fast, as opposed to when everyone is sleeping, so it’s easier to focus with less people distracting you.
  2. Be an early bird because successful people are already doing it, take Hugh Jackman as an example. The Wolverine actor starts his work out regime at 5 in the morning to keep his bulky, prime physique and see how much he earns. Successful people have limited time in their day to accomplish tasks which is why they get an early start.
  3. You will have time for breakfast. A survey from Harvard School of Public Health found skipping out on breakfast may increase coronary heart disease risk. Update your mindset, forget that breakfast will lull you to sleep during class, understand that having a good breakfast is more important than you might think.


Set the alarm because you now have reasons to be an early bird!

Wakey, wakey!! XD