Indonesia is a country with eastern culture that is reflected from our daily clothing. The overall clothes of Indonesian are mostly covered above and below the waist, with the exception if you are going to the beach or swimming. Therefore, Indonesian students and international students who study in Indonesia are required to wear the proper clothing on and off campus.


Basically, at campus female students’ skirt hemlines should fall below the knees and the shoulders, back, stomach, and cleavage should always be covered, so no tank top and sleeveless allowed (see picture at the top). For male students, avoid shorts at all cost and wear trousers instead.

BAKP UK Petra - Dresscode -b

Sleeveless and tank top are also not appropriate and please refrain from wearing shirt with swearings or rude sayings. Simply said, school activities requires you to wear something more formal and proper than your daily clothing while you are in your boarding house or at the mall. Thus, it is recommended to wear shirt.

Please pay extra attention to what you wear when you attend a religious event or visit a sacred place such as church and mosque. Avoid see-through, sleeveless, tights, shorts, and slippers (flip-flops) because they are deemed inappropriate on such occasion. Another note, remove your footwear when entering a mosque or Hindu temple.