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BAKP Petra has shared 2 scientifically-backed techniques to beat procrastination, which are: work in productive environments and Swiss cheese tasks.

While the 2 techniques are great, technique number 3 that we share today is the greatest one!


Technique number 3: Don’t indulge in fantasies.

This technique is the MOST important one. To stop procrastinating, Petra People need to stop fantasizing about the desired result. Instead, devise practical steps to achieve the result. This technique will help you because viewing outcomes objectively improves your working energy. Remember! Imagination, especially the over-creative one, is the enemy of motivation. The more you spend time imagining the end result, the more time you will waste. So stop that train of imaginative thought and get your work done!


Procrastinating will always peeking around the corner of your mind. If you do slip up, don’t be too hard on yourself. Understand that there is no quick-fix solution to everything, including your possibly acute case of procrastinating. The act of procrastinating is often rooted in your psychology, so forgiving yourself is the next step to improve future result of fighting this bad habit. Procrastinating is more than putting off tasks, it’s a fear of action. The solution? Have faith in yourself, live in the present, and set realistic goals you can successfully achieve.


Good luck!