SHY AWAY from SHYNESS part 3

Hello, shy Petra People! Still in for the ice-breaker pointer here, right?

Yes, today’s pointer is closely related to the 2nd one which is noticing things about your classmates. In addition to having a closer look, follow up your move with compliments!


Compliment someone

Flattery might get you nowhere, but compliments never get old! People love hearing that their hair looks great or that they spoke well during their presentation. If you like something about them, tell them! You never know, with simple compliment you might have made this person’s day. When the compliment-receiver is happy, there is a higher chance he/she will start conversing with you and the bud of friendship might grow.


Shyness can be a big barrier to making friends in college. It’s normal to be nervous when approaching a new group of people, but that nerve-wracking feeling doesn’t have to stop you from making friends. This semester, find something in common with a classmate, roommate, or someone from a student organization and start a conversation. You never know, this person might turn out to be your BFF to help you survive college to semester 8 and beyond!


Shy away from shyness and make friends!