STUDY by HABIT part 2

BAKP PETRA shared a small secret in the study universe that each people study best in their own habitual way. We have the visually studying Visual Learner type, the neat and on-to detail Read-Write Learner one, Auditory Leaner absorbing audio material like sponge to water, and the learning-by-doing Kinesthetic Learner. Each types have their own unique and identifiable habit of studying which suits their thirst of knowledge in the best way possible.


  1. Visual Learners
BAKP UK Petra - STUDY by HABIT part 2 -a

Since visualization is the best trait of VLs, words don’t do well with them. Using maps, charts, and diagrams are the best studying materials to enable VLs to learn things quickly, not to mention the power of videos and PowerPoint presentations. If possible, VLs make use of flashcards which are some pieces of paper (usually name card-sized) that contains visuals and concise written information. When it comes to reading, VLs focus on titles. Then, they underline and highlight important things with several colors when reading the content.



  1. Read-Write Learners

RWLs study by reading and writing, so they take many and detailed notes when the material is being delivered. Then, they rephrase and rewrite the notes for deeper comprehension, highly likely in a bulleted list. If there are any diagrams or charts, RWLs translate them into concise words to make understanding easier. In addition, RWLs like to write a Q & A list of important points based on the materials.



  1. Kinesthetic Learners
BAKP UK Petra - STUDY by HABIT part 2 -b

Almost similar to VLs, KLs make use of flashcards. And since KLs learn things by doing, they study better when involved in a group study to exchange ideas. When taking notes during the class, KLs provide real examples. 1 distinctive habit to spot KLs from a mile is they doodle while they’re studying.







  1. Auditory Learners

Recording a lecture might be one of the best study practices for ALs so that they can listen to it again and again. They like to read their study materials aloud to help them understand more. If possible, ALs record their own voice when reading and explaining concepts in their own words only to replay it later. To help them remember, words associations or mnemonic devices are preferable study methods for ALs.


Since releasing the STUDY by HABIT part 1, BAKP PETRA believes that you have found your personal type of learning. Above is the complementary information of which you can study in your own unique way which makes studying more fun and enjoyable. If you find it hard to study in class, you might want to discuss your preference of study method with your lecturer.

Studying can be fun because studying IS fun!

Happy study, Petra People!