Bury your Gadget!


Laptop and tablet are no strangers in 21st Century classroom, Petra’s classroom included. Research says 64,5% of students use laptops in at least 1 class. The reason varies, from taking notes to seeking references. For the former reason, yes it is important to properly taking notes in class and technology has made note-taking easier for students.

However, note that your modern technology not only makes things easier it also offers some distractions. Students reported that they use their gadgets for things other than lecture notes for an average of 17 minutes during a 75-minute class. Students “multi-task” with their laptops or tablets to:

  • play games,
  • surf the net about things not related to the lecture,
  • use instant messaging, and
  • check their e-mail.

BAKP Petra recommends you to kill your gadgets and use paper instead. Note-taking on paper is quicker than typing and reserves many personal benefits (that we will share later). Keep yourself away from distractions if you want to understand the delivered materials better.


Happy study!