Sleep for GPA


A Hendrix College study observed the relation between students with different sleep schedules and the resulting average GPA achievement. The result groups students into 3 categories which are:

  1. Morning Larks

The study dubs people who do their best in the morning as the Morning Larks, the small songbirds. The Morning Larks’ average post-freshman year GPA is 3.18.

  1. Regular Robins

People with mental alertness between 8 am and 9 am and get tired by 10 pm are called the Regular Robins, the harbingers of spring. Their average post-freshman year GPA is the same with those of Morning Larks’ which is 3.18.

  1. Night Owls

A different species between the 3 “bird” categories because Night Owls, as the name implies, do their best when the sun has set. They spend the average of 41 minutes shorter of sleep per night than the other 2 groups. The easiest distinctive habit to spot a Night Owl is: they drink caffeinated beverages close to bedtime and don’t keep a consistent sleep schedule during the week.


A person who do things early is called early bird. Plus, there is a saying that “early birds get the worm”. BAKP Petra is not saying that those who fall into the Night Owls category will never reach 3.00 GPA. What we mean to say is that it would be better to start changing your nocturnal inclination and make it a habit to start your day as the sun rises. The earlier you wake, the more time you have for studying.


Well, every single one of us is different, but everyone can develop effective study habits. If your current study habits aren’t working, there is nothing wrong in trying something new!