If you’re a movie-goer, you must be familiar with Dolby Digital Surround Sound System which usually opens a movie in cinemas. Watching movie in a cinema feels more interesting than watching it at home because the sound has been arranged to give us a fine quality of sound during the movie. It’s the main duty of a professional in Audio Engineering & Sound Production to arrange the sound effect so it would be “perfect” just like what you usually hear when you’re watching movie in the cinema. Nowadays, there is a study field that supports audio engineering, which is:



This program gives a deep comprehension in operational aspect and industrial technicalities with special emphasis on recording studio, live sound production, and audio design. This program uses students’ conceptual knowledge and technical skill to begin and finish a soundtrack for visual production like movies. This field also gives an opportunity for the students to do creative experiment with audio engineering and sound production in a show preparation like theatre. Some choices of career for those who study Audio Engineering & Sound Production are music producer, production coordinator, recording engineer, studio manager/owner, sound effects editor, music editor, and sound designer.


If Petra People are into art and music, you can try this combination of music and engineering. The career opportunity is limitless either in the country or abroad. You can also help Indonesia’s music industry to develop by making yourself a pro in audio engineering. Even a singer with the most beautiful voice won’t sound nice with terrible sound equipments and system, right?


Keep doing your best!