Still remember what are the specific studies in Biomedical studies that BAKP Petra has shared in the previous article? This specific studies of Biotechnology is one of them.



Biotechnology covers the studies about biology molecules, bio-bioinformatics, genomics (a field that studies about genetic elements of an organism or a virus), and proteomics (a field that studies about proteins, especially about protein’s structure and functions), and certain technologies like what we can find in a fermentation process. A biotechnology expert will be provided with knowledge about structure and functions of microorganism cells, animals, and plants. Biotechnology uses science at a molecule level in designing strategy to solve important daily problems, like curing diseases and creating safer environment.


Biotechnology nowadays has been applied in daily living as a means to detect genes that elated to human diseases and vaccine maker for food poisoning and diseases. Biotechnology is also used in industries that performs fermentation process like beer and wine industries, as well as in the making of enzims that destroys pesticide in land and water. Graduates of this field have a chance to work almost in the whole area either in the country or abroad, as long as it is relevant to biotechnology and bio-science, from mammal’s genes manipulation to examination of poisonous chemicals in the waterways and protection of agricultural products.

If Petra People are interested in medical field but not really sure you can do face-to-face with the patients like a doctor or a nurse, you can consider this field as an alternative. Biotechnology experts work behind the scenes, but they give huge contributions in the medical field in general.


If you’re not really into bio-things, relax! BAKP Petra still has other specific fields of study that you can consider. We will keep you up-to-date through BAKP Petra’s website and social media.

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