This is a trending campaign due to the global deficiency of energy in the (near) future because we, humans, are not wise enough in using it. Just remember how long you leave the AC turned on in your room? Or remember how long you let the tap open and leave the water running while you brush your teeth in the sink? It probably sounds like a no big deal at all, but imagine if millions of people do the same thing every day, BAKP Petra is not daring enough to calculate the energy loss – because it’s too much! And that is the reason why we have this field of study nowadays:



Study about renewable energy and sustainable energy can answer the challenge of energy crisis that we’ll be (actually, we are) facing real soon. This crisis happens because the use of energy depends on the availability of oil and natural gas that unfortunately starts to run out. This field of study introduces energy-saving concepts (energy storage), energi efficiency, energy conversion, and energy continuation. This also includes some subjects like solar architecture and energy-friendly house design.


If Petra People join this field, you’ll be dealing with solar cells (cells that catch sunlight) and photovoltaics system (system that changes sunlight into electricity that gives energy for every electrical need). Besides, you’ll also learn other technologies such as turbine and water, biomass energy, wave energy, geothermal, and nuclear energy.


Studying specific field in energy can be very useful for you and your country, especially if you’re a kind of person who likes and has more ability in science. You can use anything you learn from this field to help your country taking care of the natural resources. Moreover, according to some international surveys, there will be MILLIONS of job vacancies before 2020 in Renewable Energy industries. Start studying now! And hopefully, you’ll be the one who succeed in supporting energy-save campaign in Indonesia!