Faculty of Economics is often described as a faculty which has super-thorough men with logic and extremely-detailed mathematical ability up to several points after the comma. They’re experts in bargaining even more than tacik-tacik Atum. They’re more skilled than family-shop owners in Pasar Genteng in choosing and analyzing products. Petra People, it’s time for you to broaden your mind! Economy is not limited to calculus or micro-economic. Economy also includes various Management studies like what we have in the Faculty of Economics in Petra Christian University.

Good news is, there is a specific study in management with different focus from what we already have. Now, Petra People might want to consider this new branch of management.


A simple definition of logistic is: delivery of the right goods to the right destination in the right time. Logistics & Supply Chain Management uses management approach to make the chain of distribution becomes more effective and efficient. After accomplishing a work with qualified working system, customers will surely be pleased. This field of study is covered in Petra’s Tourism Management.

Career opportunity in industry and distribution chain is very broad. BAKP Petra sees potential in career position like operational manager, project manager, distribution manager, product manager, purchasing manager, facility manager, and other positions related with marketing and finance. Why is that so? Simple. It’s because all industries like factories, building construction, even education and healthcare units need professionals in this field of study.

While the career opportunity is still broad, you should put this specific field into consideration. Moreover, with the higher number of online business, comes higher need of logistic. Indonesia is in the process of improving its means of transportation, so distribution through islands and provinces will be more intense. Interested?