BAKP Petra seems to have a paradoxical title today XD


If Petra People have suspicions that you will run out of willpower as the day wears on, you’re RIGHT! Scientists have discovered that willpower is a kind of energy that gets sapped by the many decisions, distractions, and stresses we face. Nonetheless, it is also science which shows that it’s easier than you might think to restore your spent willpower! BAKP Petra has the strategy trio to restore your willpower that may look like temptations and distractions more than strategies, but think of them as what we dub as “strategic indulgences”.


Temptation aka Willpower Booster #1: Reality Television

Research shows that willpower can be contagious. You can “catch” extra self-control just by seeing someone else pursue a goal. Many reality shows feature people working hard to overcome obstacles, whether it’s losing weight, facing their fears, or even just organizing their clutter. A little entertainment inspiration can help you find your own strength.


Temptation aka Willpower Booster #2:  Cute or Funny Video

Feeling like doing nothing to meet all those deadlines? Why don’t Petra People try to satisfy yourself with a few minutes of funny video as your willpower booster? Research shows that watching a humorous video restores depleted willpower and helps people get back on track with difficult tasks. If cute puppies aren’t your thing, find a few stand-up comedy clips or whatever that make you laugh. We have YouTube for that reason, haven’t we? XD


Temptation aka Willpower Booster #3: An Afternoon Nap

Willpower is often highest in the morning because the brain is refreshed by sleep since it recharges your brain so you wake up ready to face the challenges of the day. When you’re sleep deprived, your brain has an especially hard time ignoring distractions and controlling impulses. Sneaking a mid-day “power nap” into your schedule can reverse the usual willpower drain from morning to night. Research shows that a nap can reduce stress, improve mood, and restore focus, even if you haven’t had a perfect eight hours the night before.


Anything that reduces stress, boosts your mood, or recharges your energy can also give you back your self-control strength. Treat yourself to the healthiest versions of these willpower boosts whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed and you can be the best version of yourself—calm, focused, motivated, making smart decisions all day long. Well, what’s more fun that to laugh and nap your way to more energy and self-control? XD