Maybe many Petra People know already that our 7th President, Mr Joko Widodo, likes to spend 5 to 10 minutes to sleep in between works to rest his headache and regain his concentration. Some of you might wonder, how such a few minutes of sleep could do so much to a person. Well, it could! Because Mr. President practices The Power Nap kind of sleep.


There are 5 kind of naps and BAKP Petra will share the Art of Napping for you to master the healthy sleep-in-between-routine pattern.


Number 1: The Power Nap, just like President Joko Widodo does. It last 10 to 20 minutes only and is best for getting straight back to work. 


Number 2: The NASA Nap which is 26 minutes long. It is proven by scientist to improve performance by 34% and alertness by 53%. Best for a day you’ll be studying till late or working after-hours.


Number 3: The BAD Nap! The 30 minutes nap that causes “sleep inertia” (a sleep hangover) for up to 30 minutes before restorative benefits kick in. Best to avoid this nap type because you’ll hardly feel refreshed.


Number 4: The Slow-wave Sleep Nap. Taking a 60 minutes nap helps cognitive memory processing, remembering places, faces, and facts. Set your alarm to take this sleep because it will be a huge help before having big presentation or important meeting.


Number 5: The Full Sleep Cycle Nap. In a good 90 minutes of sleep lies a restorative energy that helps creativity, emotional memory, and procedural memory. Take a nap for 90 minutes before impending project deadline or a big test.


College students like you must be busy doing college stuffs, but take a few minutes to nap will restore you mood and energy to keep you going!

Happy napping!!