Female student sleeping at laptop with adhesive notes on eyes

Following the Art of Napping part 1, here is the part 2 for you to be the Nap Master! XD


As Petra People already know that there are 5 kinds of nap. The Power Nap (10-20 mins), The NASA Nap (26 mins), The Slow-wave Sleep Nap (60 mins), and The Full Sleep Cycle Nap (90 mins) are the recommended nap style for the best productivity result. While The BAD Nap that lasts 30 minutes must be avoided because it will actually dampen you energy and mood.


After choosing how long you will nap, know these 5 napping IDEALs:

  1. The IDEAL nap time is between 1 pm to 4 pm.
  2. The IDEAL nap position is lying on your chair or bed slightly upright to avoid deep sleep.
  3. The IDEAL nap light is dim to dark to stimulate melatonin (the sleep-induce hormone).
  4. The IDEAL nap temperature is 15-20 Celsius degree, but you can add 3 to 5 degree higher during rainy season.
  5. The IDEAL nap buddy is your PENCIL! This is Einstein’s trick, Petra People. If you hold a pencil while you’re drifting off during a power nap, the pencil will eventually drop and wake you up before you row your boat too far to la la land.


There! You are now the Master of Napping and ready to nap!

Happy napping!!!