06 February 2020


Get extra experience through on-site education by joining an Internship Program! Petra Christian University has partners who are very happy to have you study and work with them. Currently, Petra's Internship Program is open for students from:

  • English Department
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Visual Design Communication
  • Mechanical Engineering

  To register in an Internship Program is so very easy!

  1. Consult your internship selection with your Head of Department to make sure you choose the suitable location or field according to your study.
  2. Take and fill in the Registration Form at BAKP office.
  3. Complete the documents needed.
  4. Submit the Registration Form to BAKP.

Only 4 simple steps to internship with Petra's trusted partners.  


Student must arrange plane ticket and visa by themselves.

Please contact travel agents that you can trust.

  Do more, learn more with Petra's Internship Program!