06 February 2020

Summer Program

Summer Program is a short inter-cultural program designed for both Petra students and international students to better equip them with global experience and international exposure. Perspective enrichment, unique and real on-site experience, and transformative adventure are the 3 things students will gain from joining Summer Program. Moreover, it is through a Summer Program that students get better and deepen understanding of the world via challenging academic experience with friends from all over the world.   Petra Christian University is the host for Petra Summer Program (PSP), a 2 week multidisciplinary subject coverage on Indonesia, particularly on one of its oldest yet most vibrant cities: Surabaya. Petra is also one of the initiators of Asia Summer Program (ASP) alongside Dongseo University - Korea, Josai University - Japan, Bangkok University - Thailand, and Universiti Malaysia Perlis - Malaysia.   The general requirements for joining Summer Program are:

  1. Minimum GPA: 2.75
  2. Minimum TOEFL iBT: 66, IELTS: 5.5, ITP: 500
  3. Minimum semester: 4

Petra offers some scholarship with limited seat. Brace yourself for the selection process to earn one!  


Student must arrange plane ticket and visa by themselves.

Please contact travel agents that you can trust


PS: Several students asked BAKP "If Petra has Summer Program, why not Winter Program?". The answer is simple, because there is nothing much you can do on winter, Petra People. Winter costs more money with little things to do, so kiss your Winter Program goodbye XD