07 February 2020


Indonesia is a country with various transportation. In Surabaya, where Petra Christian University is located, there are several options of transportation. Surabaya people drives car and motorcycle as their daily transportation from place to place. In Surabaya, both car and motorcycle are deemed as private vehicle and many citizens own them. As for the local public transportation, the city of Surabaya has:

  • Bus
  • Bemo 
  • Becak
  • Taxi
  • Online transportation / online taxi (Gojek or Grab)

The more convenient public transportation is online taxi because there is mobile application for you to order. However, do keep in mind that the drivers, mostly, cannot speak English or any other foreign languages besides our mother tongue. Hence, brush up your Bahasa Indonesia or ask your local friend to order the vehicle for you.

If you want to go to another city outside of Surabaya, you can either take the intercity bus or train. In Surabaya, there are several recommended bus terminals.

  1. Terminal Joyoboyo: Jl. Joyoboyo No. 1
  2. Terminal Purabaya: Jl. Bungurasih Timur
  3. Terminal Bratang: Jl Bratang Jaya

For train: Gubeng Surabaya Train Station (Stasiun Gubeng Surabaya) at Jl. Stasiun Gubeng Surabaya