25 September 2020

Visa and Immigration

The information provided in this section is aimed to help international students concerning their paperwork for studying in Petra Christian University (PCU) and staying in Indonesia.  


Immigration office near PCU

Address: Jl. Raya By pass Juanda No.KM.3-4, Manyar, Sedati Agung, Sidoarjo 61256

T: 031-8690534


Types of Visa Based on the visiting agenda and length of stay in Indonesia, there are 2 types of visa for students:

Visit Visa/Socio-Cultural Visa

  1. Length of purposed stay in Indonesia: up to 6 (six) months.
  2. Length of stay per visa issued: 30 (thirty) to 60 (sixty) days. After the period of 30 or 60 days, you will need to renew your visa monthly for the maximum of 4 times.
  3. For detailed document requirement and info, check with the nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate
  4. Petra Christian University will provide you with an invitation letter or acceptance letter and Telex Visa to support your visa processing.
  5. This visa will not allow you to make any trip out of Indonesia and return afterward. You will have to apply for another visa to re-enter Indonesia once you are out of the country. This visa will serve as your ID during your stay in Indonesia, thus, always bring a copy of your visa and passport anywhere you go and keep the original in safe place.


KITAS (Temporary Staying Permit)

  1. Duration of purposed stay in Indonesia: up to 1 (one) year or 2 (two) years (depends on the study permit).
  2. Duration of stay per visa issued: up to 1 (one) year from the date of your first arrival. It can be renewed yearly for maximum 5 (five) times (which means you stay in Indonesia for 6 years since the very first arrival date).
  3. It takes both student and Petra Christian University to arrange this visa. You have to email your documents (all in English language) to staff-mobility@petra.ac.id 2 months before your expected arrival date.
  4. KITAS will give you the privilege of making trips out of Indonesia and returning afterward. However, some administration requirements must be fulfilled, thus, you need to notify our International Office staff 3 (three) weeks before your departure date to make sure your documents (KITAS, passport, etc.) will still be valid prior to your departure.


Overstaying any type of visa is a serious offense in Indonesia.

You will be blacklisted (cannot enter Indonesia again for a year or more). You will also be fined as much as IDR 1.000.000 for every day you overstay and will be deported once you have paid the fine. You will be detained at the immigration quarantine until you have paid the fee and/or the decision has been made to deport you.

If you accidentally overstay, immediately report to BAKP adn we will assist you to explain your circumstances to the immigration office. Delaying the report will only make the situation worse. There are only a few 'legitimate' reasons for overstaying your visa, the main ones being that you were ill and hospitalized or unable to travel. Once you realize you will not be able to leave before your visa expires, ask a friend to officially report your illness in writing to the local immigration office so that your overstaying is officially acknowledged. This will lessen the monetary penalties. Do not wait until the immigration finds out.

Overstaying is an offense but not a crime. Please take this matter very seriously, this is not a problem that you can bribe your way out of. Better safe than sorry, dear.